Charles-Ambunya -Co-ordinator

Ambunya is a highly motivated and dedicated individual with a strong passion for communication, conservation, and community development. Throughout his career, Charles has gained extensive experience in program planning, management, and implementation.
In addition to his role in the NGO sector, Charles has actively contributed to wildlife conservation efforts in Kenya. He serves as an Honorary Warden for the Kenya Wildlife Service, working to create an enabling environment for landowners’ participation in wildlife governance. As a board member of the Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association and the Western Wildlife Conservancies Association, Charles champions youth engagement forums in conservation, promotes best practices among private and community conservancies, and raises awareness about wildlife conservation.

Charles’s dedication to community engagement and conservation extends beyond his professional endeavors. He has been actively involved in environmental conservation initiatives, playing a vital role in planting trees, promoting forest protection, and empowering local communities through partnerships with organizations like the Kenya Wildlife Service and Nature Kenya.

Charles possesses excellent communication, marketing, videography, and photography skills, as well as strong interpersonal, planning, and presentation abilities. Charles’s project management, organizational, and IT savvy skills enable him to effectively manage programs, coordinate teams, and leverage technology for efficient administration.

In his personal life, Charles enjoys reading inspiration and motivation books, traveling, and engaging in environmental conservation activities. He has a passion for singing, farming, and scriptwriting, and has directed numerous theatrical performances for schools, colleges, and film festivals in Kenya.

Charles Ambunya Okello’s dedication, expertise, and accomplishments make him a valuable asset in any organization seeking a dynamic and committed individual. His ability to effectively communicate, collaborate with stakeholders, and drive positive change exemplifies his commitment to consumer education, wildlife conservation, and community development