To be the leading vibrant Wildlife Association in Kenya that promotes peaceful co-existence,secure environment and development for sustainable livelihoods in the Western Landscape


• To strengthen and establish a fully functional Secretariat of the Western Wildlife Conservancy Association(WWCA)
• To support establishment and sustainable management of conservancies in the Western landscape and the replication of best practices pertaining to wildlife monitoring and habitat use;
• To enhance capacities of conservancies in the environmental management in the ecosystem through training on natural resources and wildlife,linkages and grants.
• To promote sound environmental values and sustainable living and co-existence with wildlife and their habitat.
• To enhance the synergy of existing policies particularly KWCA policies and contribute to the formulation and implementation of appropriate policies for the Western Landscape
• To support local livelihood programmes


Improved livelihoods through conservation

Sustainable rangeland management


Promoting Eco-Friendly Environment

Our Mission

To Build and promote wildlife conservation in an efficient,reliable,effective,safe and environmentally friendly through enhanced conservation mouth piece for socio-economic development besides,application of innovative best practices in the Western Landscape.